The Charities Act 2009 requires all charitable organisations carrying out activities in the State to be registered with and to provide information relating to their organisation to the Charities Regulatory Authority. This includes both those charities who are, or who are not, registered with Revenue for the purpose of receiving tax back on donations.

There are currently about 8,500 charities registered with Revenue and these can be seen at .

Charities are now required to complete their registration at . The process has been simplified in response to feedback from users. After the basic registration has been done the charity can maintain various information relating to their charity themselves. Depending on their turnover, they may also be required to supply financial accounts.

Staff from the Authority are currently doing road-shows in a very co-operative hand-on fashion explaining the process of registration and answering questions.

This registration process will, in due course, also extend to all schools and to Parent Teacher Associations and other sub-level groups.

More information can be found at .

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